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Onsite Regional Interpreting



Pacific Interpreters Onsite Interpreting through Fluent Language Solutions is designed to support facilities that have an ongoing need for dependable face-to-face interpretation in American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken languages. Our trained professional interpreters can be scheduled by appointment and in emergency same-day situations.  Improve customer satisfaction, reduce risk, and meet government regulation with the highest quality onsite interpreting for compassionate and supportive communication.

Onsite interpreting is the preferred modality of choice in situations involving:

  • High interaction, such as multiple participants or less structured turn-taking.
  • Communications that are of a sensitive nature.
  • A complex dialogue exchange, such as abstract philosophical interchange or dialogue with veiled intentions or multiple meanings.
  • Young children and those that have underdeveloped language skills or who use idiosyncratic language patterns.
  • Individuals with a secondary disability (i.e. low vision) that impedes their ability to utilize technology.
  • The fulfillment of the American with Disabilities Act of 1990. 

Onsite services available without scheduling restrictions:

  • Available both by appointment and in emergency same-day situations.
  • Scheduled onsite services are available for certain parts of the country with 24 hour’s notice.

Unprecedented interpreter quality and on-going monitoring:

  • Extensive industry-specific experience including terminology, interpretation, as well as soft skills for sensitive situations.
  • Onsite interpreters are routinely monitored via live observations by peer interpreters.
  • ASL interpreters are required to maintain national certification and appropriate state licensure, as well as have completed an interpreter training program and two-year degree in a related field.
  • We offer complete confidentiality and compliance with government-mandated privacy laws.

Robust network of qualified interpreters:

  • Our network of professional onsite interpreters provides service in spoken languages, including American Sign Language.
  • We maintain strong relationships with area minority and refugee communities, as well as post-secondary institutions with interpreting training programs to recruit the most qualified interpreters.

Onsite interpreting appointments:

For new clients, please call our Charlotte, NC office, toll free, at 1.888.225.6056 to speak with an Interpreting Services Coordinator to establish an account and schedule your initial interpreting assignment. Established clients may use our proprietary online scheduling system or call to speak directly with an Interpreting Services Coordinator.

All assignment requests made by telephone, including onsite interpreting assignments and emergency assignments with less than one hour's notice, are answered by a live operator, 24/7/365.

Competitive pricing:

Hourly rates for onsite interpreting services vary by language and by market. Assignments typically require a two-hour minimum commitment.

  CALL FLUENT AT 888.225.6056